Partnerships Discussion & Academic Sessions

Sep. 27: The Organization Committee will offer the platform for each participant university to promote the sister-school cooperation and communication and academic discussion on scientific and technological cooperation.


Time and place will be announced separately.  


International Cultural Gala

Sep. 25-Sep. 27: International Cultural Gala will be held at UPC Campus. International Students from over 80 countries will show their own culture, history and tradition etc. This will add exotic color and create international atmosphere.



UPC Orientation Gala  

Sep. 26: In 2018, UPC enrolled 4,745 undergraduate students, 2,169 master students, 253 doctoral students and 261 international students. In order to welcome the arrival of new students, UPC specially prepared the Orientation Gala for them in the evening of Sep.26th.



Series of Exhibitions

Sep. 24-Sep. 28: UPC will hold a series of exhibitions during the period of the 9th SEEEP Workshop, such as Sino-European Education and Culture Exhibition, CSC-supported Programs Exhibition, Education Exhibition for Studying Abroad and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Plan Works Exhibition etc.

Any participant universities are warmly welcome to join this activity. If your university is interested in joining this exhibition show, please offer the concerned materials and introduction on your own university (with logo, University Name and some pictures). The size of the display board will be 100cm×160cm. The designed one will also be available. UPC will be responsible to print it for each participant.