Vision & Mission

In the context of globalization, engineering education in both China and Europe is facing new opportunities and challenges. For this purpose, Sino-EU universities decided to further strengthen their cooperation in engineering education and promote substantial collaboration between higher engineering education institutions in both China and Europe in the fields of talents cultivation, teacher training, teaching materials development and scientific research.


1.In the context of globalization, Sino-EU universities, with the goal of educating leaders in technology committed to the future of our globe, will make joint efforts in studying the new challenges and opportunities for engineering education and exploring requirements for future creative engineers.

2.Sino-EU universities will share others’ experience and good practices in engineering education reform, maintain smooth channels for information sharing, and exchange views on key issues promptly. Sino-EU universities will also explore new possibilities for sharing educational resources and outcomes and carry out extensive and in-depth collaboration in discipline establishment, teaching content and methodologies, teacher training, student exchange and scientific research.

3.Through cooperation, Sino-EU universities will increase their international influence in engineering education respectively and will promote mutual recognition of engineering education.